A Window on Creativity: Twyla Tharp, Amy Tan, and Han Feng

Amy Tan speaks on creativity, for TED.

Twyla Tharp writes on creativity, and Merlin Mann thinks 
it's one of the best books on the subject he's ever read. 
I, for one, bought the book right away, 
on the strength of Mr. Mann's conviction. 

Han Feng has done the costumes for the upcoming premiere, 
at the San Francisco Opera, 
of Amy Tan's

May your weekend be creative and full of life. 
As Goethe implored, 
"...turn around, and dare to be happy."

This post is dedicated to my amazing sister: 
good luck, next week, and many blessings. 
This is a remarkable voyage that you embark on: 
fair winds, and following seas.


Matt Nauman on Nanosolar


Because Kim Boatman Nauman is one of my all-time-favorite people on earth, I was thrilled to see that her wonderful husband wrote this article.

Yeah, it sounds sorta like Greek to me, too. But, because both the Naumans are superb writers, if you click on the above sentence, you can read more and learn. Matt Nauman makes a lot more sense of this than I do.

Go Nauman Fam!

Photo: Solar power in it's purest form. Go Waikiki!

Late to the Party: Nice Guys Still Finish First

Admittedly late to the party on this one, but always worth noting: 
Nice Guys Finish First. 
Proven, pretty much, at Harvard. 
Tested in Kindergartens all over the country. Double-tested in homes all over the world. 

Click Here for the NPR interview with David Rand.

Be nice. It's the best way to make your way through the world. Good to remember, today and every day.

Above, Cindy Sherman photo from the MOMA this summer. Surely, she is looking for a book about nice things. 

Why late to the party? The NPR interview was in March. Even so, the research is eternally relevant.


"put down your credit card and go take a walk"

wonderful quote in the October issue of dwell: 
"'We need less stuff,' states Phil Tucker, project director for the California Healthy Communities Network. 'We're a nation of consumers, but we can only consume so much before we've consumed it all.' In other words, if you truly want to act sustainably, put down your credit card and go take a walk."


Ralph Lauren at the Olympics: It Doesn't Get More Gatsby Than This

Watching the Closing Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. Goodness.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, for better or for worse, captured the spirit of a new America...Ralph has perfectly defined the sportswear.

Jay Gatsby is somewhere, smiling broadly, wishing he could've stayed around long enough to suit up in these whites.

Looking at the athletes as they walk past the camera, you can smell the Sands Point lawn, and feel an Indian Summer breeze, almost, floating sweetly off the Atlantic...

Southampton shells courtesy of Kirk. Many Thanks.

One More Shot

One more shot of the new fixie.
(couldn't help it)

Fixie: A Boy and His Bike

(we started this at Christmas, and it is good to see it finished)