A Window on Creativity: Twyla Tharp, Amy Tan, and Han Feng

Amy Tan speaks on creativity, for TED.

Twyla Tharp writes on creativity, and Merlin Mann thinks 
it's one of the best books on the subject he's ever read. 
I, for one, bought the book right away, 
on the strength of Mr. Mann's conviction. 

Han Feng has done the costumes for the upcoming premiere, 
at the San Francisco Opera, 
of Amy Tan's

May your weekend be creative and full of life. 
As Goethe implored, 
"...turn around, and dare to be happy."

This post is dedicated to my amazing sister: 
good luck, next week, and many blessings. 
This is a remarkable voyage that you embark on: 
fair winds, and following seas.

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