Maira Kalman's Principles of Uncertainty

This is old news, but it is timeless...because it is Maira Kalman.   And, if you haven't seen it yet, it is new news. Right?

A blog that turned into a book that is supposed to come back this year to be a blog again and, we hope, another book.

And Another Thing: The Mike Matas Blog

Okay, this little blog's lack of blogroll is a thing of the past. {Thanks to a fine tutorial from a genius who never makes one feel as though they have just emerged from the ancient tundra, having been in some sort of fitful snooze next to a fossilized woolly mammoth, while the age of the internet rolled in. Thank you, genius. Much appreciated.}

And, truth be told, the main reason I had to put up a blogroll (drumroll, please) was The Mike Matas Blog. Good Lord. This is visual aptitude taken to the nth. How can someone be this clever? Please click HERE for Mike's blog and spend a few minutes looking at the future. This is design at it's best.

Photo, above, by Mary Mattingly.

At Last, II

This is just a bit of what we're talking about when we're talking about W's.

Just a candid, taken at an unGodly hour of the morning, while prepping for a photo shoot.

Very Gallic.

Very Good.

'Nuf said.


Julia Cameron and the Girls, heading blog, with the Parasol

For the wonderful Jonathan, a correction: Alice, I believe, is above--sitting in the chair? (if the notes that accompany the graphics are right). The other girls with parasol, who grace the top of the blog, are by the magnificent photographer Julia Cameron.  They are beyond glorious, having ascended into the realm of truth&beauty, yes?

Just figured this out, whilst sourcing the Clara Bow photo below (also saved for the photo shoot of several months ago). At the moment I realized my mistake, I knew that you must, somehow, have known it was not Mr. Carroll's photograph, not Alice. 


I think, now, I shall try to be less hasty and far tidier when cataloging photographic inspiration and citing sources and such. Let us hope that this comes true, and does not go the way of my frequent resolutions to be better at folding laundry or learning how to cook like Alice Waters. {I always remember the wonderful quote by Iona Opie about climbing the glass hill.  Ah!  Truth and Beauty and Housekeeping.}