OH: Miss Go Arrives Soon

M. B. Goffstein's new work is divine.

I am besotted with Mr. Po, 
Mr. Go, Miss Go, Miss Fine...

To meet them, visit

Here, we are making 
happy preparations 
to welcome
which is coming soon.


Just Thinking

Whew. It's busy right now, here at homestead Thorne. Our redhead is just back from six months in Germany, bringing with him a delightful friend. 

So: we have a heavenly house guest for the next two weeks, and another chick back in the nest for a bit longer, and lots of activity and friends stopping by and various and sundry other things going on.

Thusly, while we're at all this, may I re-direct you to a blog that has been a continuous source of delight and sustenance since stumbling upon it several months ago? 

Mrs. Blandings is the perfect tonic for our times: erudite, blessed with a lovely eye, and utterly charming. Now, go, be her house guest for a bit. 

And, please, please, do come back and visit us in a day or two. When some of the dust settles. For goodness sakes.

Here: Mrs. B. on February. And here: Mrs. B. on Photography. And here: Mrs. B. on everything else. 

You will love it all, I hope, as I do.

[photo, above? check Mrs. B. and see]