Just Thinking

Whew. It's busy right now, here at homestead Thorne. Our redhead is just back from six months in Germany, bringing with him a delightful friend. 

So: we have a heavenly house guest for the next two weeks, and another chick back in the nest for a bit longer, and lots of activity and friends stopping by and various and sundry other things going on.

Thusly, while we're at all this, may I re-direct you to a blog that has been a continuous source of delight and sustenance since stumbling upon it several months ago? 

Mrs. Blandings is the perfect tonic for our times: erudite, blessed with a lovely eye, and utterly charming. Now, go, be her house guest for a bit. 

And, please, please, do come back and visit us in a day or two. When some of the dust settles. For goodness sakes.

Here: Mrs. B. on February. And here: Mrs. B. on Photography. And here: Mrs. B. on everything else. 

You will love it all, I hope, as I do.

[photo, above? check Mrs. B. and see]


  1. I'm blushing - you shouldn't have. Thank you.

  2. Hi, I visited Mrs. Blandings and you were so right! How could I have missed such a wonderful blog? Thanks so much for pointing this it out!