speaking of chairs, sir

this was one of the first
on the blog & long since
a favorite.
taken while
running through
Weimar; thinking then,
as now, that there was
to this corner than
could be known.
forlorn, now, but with
some easy still grace.

elegant in it's age.


i've mentioned this before:
the end of summer.

tomorrow, for us, it is
official. school starts.

of course, the weather
today took a turn for the
top of the thermometer (as
it so often does the week the
empty classrooms creak open
again). so much, i now realize,
to look forward to. so many good
things to look back upon. all in all:
it's been quite lovely, hasn't it?

a Quietness distilled
As Twilight long begun

dear tish,

not the quadrille, but
realized today you might
like these ('tho i had run
out of space and time
on the camera & this
was the best i could get)

but the atmosphere!

it was something else

just as he had intended

our summer made her light escape into the beautiful

ivan terestchenko

photo: ivan terestchenko

have been captivated

by windows


photos: vt