just when i was trying to be a monk

things i think i need,
part one

i'd live at the desk.

spin my entire front room
around the cloth (for some
reason, the color gold- in
textiles- looks new and fresh
and beyond magnificent to me
these days. who knows why?).

and the display case. i would
open a store just to use that
display case. honestly. happily.

san francisco (of course)

pressing obligations

this is on joy's website, too.
i don't know what i'm more
fascinated by- the mannequin
or the jacket. if pressed, i'd
go: jacket. please. here (+ here)


four on the floor

i'd really like to have taken
these sweet ones home, but
i didn't. they are mcguire,
there is nothing not to love,
and they would look swell
on our covered patio. really.

you might want to go get them.

(they are in palo alto, but only 'til
the end of the month. so, today?)

rawhide & rattan
four lovely chairs
palo alto
joy kennedy collection



during the mad hot dash through
the goethe haus in frankfurt (last
july) i snapped these two works
of art- quickly- and each time i
happen by them (i believe they
are both by goethe, although i
didn't take notes; i'll try to do
better next time) i can't help
but think they are awfully
ardizzone-ish. or was our
beloved edward a. sort of
goethe-ish? either way, i do
love stopping by- visiting the
photos- and remembering that
sweltery day in a v. quiet house.

nothing like a blast of heat to keep
the other tourists at bay. a true delight.