always one window or another

photos: vt


  1. Beautiful juxtaposition of imagery, as always.
    Love rain on a window, and rolled hay, lights at night, clouds,
    and that flag always warms my displaced French orphan's heart!

  2. Miss Thea, you angel-


  3. Are you responsible for that last photo? It's essentially out of this world.

  4. ah, laurent, in trying to condense and edit long wandering comments in response to yours- l lost them.

    yes, the photo is mine. thank you for the praise, it means a great deal to me. most photos posted on the blog these days are mine- if they are not, i am trying to be diligent in noting the source.

  5. I didn't mean it in that sense. I mean it in the sense that it seemed doubtful that anyone could have made it.

  6. january, 2010- ivan terestchenko- 10 tips...

    "...let the angels take the picture"

    [so often, i think of this (& so many other things he has written)- perhaps this time it works? if i was very lucky- ]

  7. it did indeed. and it's not luck, it's commitment.
    Well done.

  8. VT, one thing that strikes me about all these is (in a sense) I can see many of the same things-I just don't ---they are taken for granted- alas. They are a reminder and a joy-as is your eye to see. and that last shot is worth another trip -or at least a ride around the block. pgt