May 26, 1978: And so, all else above...

Who knew, when this cute boy first called (31 years ago on this date) that I would be taking (fuzzy) photos of now-ancient scrapbooks (that we haven't looked at in years) with my iPhone to celebrate his birthday, today?

Who knew we would date for four years, get married on a very warm day in Georgia, have four completely marvelous kids, set up camp in the southern tip of Silicon Valley...

Who knew I would love that boy more today than I did yesterday, and be secure in my knowledge that I will love him more tomorrow?

Who knew life could be so good?

Happy Birthday, Kevin. You came along on the 26th of May. It's been a remarkable day, ever after. A remarkable life, together. Here's what we do know, the kids and I: we do know we love you, more than we can ever say.

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