More awkwardly still, architecture asks us to imagine that happiness might often have an unostentatious, unheroic character to it, that it might be found in a run of old floorboards or in a wash of morning light over a plaster wall -- in undramatic, frangible scenes of beauty . . .

-- alain de botton


  1. One of my all-time favourite books.

  2. beautiful- seems I am missing something. have read a book of his, or 2-but not this. I too have been remiss beyond- in getting out your little bibelot. xo, pgt

  3. Pamela -- have had the book for a few months, getting to it now. Hard to put down. Glad to hear it is one of your favorites, I'll remember...

    Gaye -- yesterday, I announced to someone who loves me that I was going to put up a list (it will be too long) of "things I said I was going to do" in the kitchen...and begin to cross them off as they get done. Public (somewhat public, as it is just our kitchen) admission of todo's that don't often enough get done. And I think your postcards will be at the top. No worries about bibelot. We will get to it!

    (I suppose now I will really have to take the German I class for the fourth time, hike Yosemite, start drawing again and blog a little less...all things I have declared lately...)

  4. le livre est d'un bleu magnifique dans sa parution française. ça me donne le goût de le re-découvrir et ça me plaît.

  5. You have inspired me to read this book. I'll look for it tomorrow.

    And start my to-do list :)

  6. Dom, I love your comments...and they are sending me running to my dictionary from sophomore year and making me think of Miss Hoge, the French teacher who always giggled when I tried to pronounce almost anything. God rest her soul. Probably.

    Bruce -- that todo list is haunting me. Now I'll really have to do it. Thanks, as ever, for stopping by...

  7. I found the book today in the library! It must be, I surmise, rather popular, as it was quite dirty--but I cleaned it with some Mrs.Meyers:)

    I also found five other interesting books and 5 magazines.

    Now to get reading!