honestly, if min could just come wave a magic
wand in my house and take care of all the things
that needed to be taken care of (wallpaper? fresh
fabrics on the well-loved chairs? assorted odds &
ends?), i'd be quite happy to just go read to young
ones all day. the traveling story-lady, or some such
thing; we could make dioramas. and books. and...

a girl can dream, right?

gorgeous rooms, papers, fabrics: min hogg

(and i am realizing that even without most
excellent min & her way with a home, this
reading and book-making is what i will do,
anyway. time to take a dream and make it
real? the chairs, in their old fabric, smile.)


  1. Ooh, I like!

    Did you realize that your links in this post go to Nick Haus's etsy, from your previous post?

  2. Book making? Please share more with us.

  3. dear sweet haufrau,

    thank you for this! i've fixed it, i think. (but am happy if i sent a few more folks to nick's excellent etsy store.)

    glad you like it ;)

  4. I'm completely agog over that first paper. I'd like Min to visit me too. Dioramas and book making sounds like fun to me! Sign me up please.


  5. That first picture is EXACTLY how I want my house to look.

  6. Me too- love Min too. the papers are fantastic very "chic" pgt

  7. PGT,

    Our me too-s crossed paths...love it.

    The papers are delicious, aren't they?

  8. Bruce and HH,

    books and dioramas coming up, perhaps? all in honor of min, this time...