Two Russian Winters

Okay, folks, this is far more somber than usual, but I must pass it on: here, Sergei Larenkov, a Russian photographer has superimposed present day images with those from WWII.

Same place, very different time.

There are other arresting images; this one, above, is sadly poetic. And gives us pause to think...times may be tough, but things could be worse.

We live in a free country.
[See Maira Kalman, below.]

How lucky are we? Well, take a moment to see what it looked like, not so long ago, in a very cold place without hope.

(Links from Warren Ellis via sevenblock. Twitter, again.)


  1. victoria: thank you for the introduction to sergei larenkov! this work is incredible. haunting and so compelling. cheers, -paul

    ps have a terrific weekend

  2. don't know what's more compelling...his photography or his profile pic, that Mr. Larenkov

    best of the weekend to you, too, Mr. Pincus