...he says he's just the curator

Peacay, from Sydney, says (in his profile) "To me, the content of this site (wonderful things made by other people) far outweighs my own pedestrian talents. I'm just the curator." It's a beautiful site (as most people know, already); what really stuns me, though, is the humble attitude he's put forth. Consider the amount of work he does, collecting and curating these images. All in all, don't you think it displays great generosity of spirit? An atmosphere that pervades the entire enterprise. Amazing. Thanks, Peacay from Sydney. 


  1. I like Bibliodyssey very much. I DO find it weird in a way that he can curate a book from other institution's websites. Good idea though in this wireless world.

  2. Thanks very much Victoria.

    I spent more than a year connecting with far more institutions than are represented in the book, building relationships and ensuring that it was all done with total permission (and usually with assistance above and beyond what was requested). But yeah, it is nevertheless weird, I agree ;- )

  3. Peacay.

    This post was meant as an honor, in the most laudatory fashion.

    If only all on the web built relationships in the manner that you do! It would become only a better place...

    It would be a good future.

    With infinite regard, vt