The Christmas Number

[about St. Nicholas? here]


  1. Enlighten me on the purpose of the mag? Was it to instruct?

    Yes, the duck boots are a mus. I will be stashing them for a few days while I head down to Art Basel Miami Beach. Have you gone to this fair or any other large ones like this? As you may see from my post, I am totally torn by the experience!

  2. cc--

    put up a link that better explains the magazine...

    Haven't been to any large fairs, and I share your feelings. Somehow the circus part of it seems not so much art as ... well, circus.

    I'd probably prefer being in a quiet room of the de Grummond Collection or somewhere in the NYPL looking through original art that changed the lives of countless children ...

    But I have a feeling you will have great fun in Miami Beach, and I can't wait to hear more. Somewhere in the circus there will be art you fall in love with, and it will have been worth the trip.

    Perhaps it's happening right now.