an ode to swimming pool

one of my very favorite stops,
has impeccable taste and
never fails to delight the eye


  1. whoa. wow! Why have I never thought about the capacity of storage in my stairs?? They look exactly like drawers.

    I have L.L. Bean boots that I call Duck boots for some reason. Are they the same thing? They are a must for a walk in the woods, which doesn't happen too much when you live in NYC;-)

    How was your Thanksgiving, by the way?

  2. Dear CC--

    Thanksgiving was fabulous. Beyond fabulous, actually.

    The stair thing is cool, yes?

    And we all called them duck boots in school, I wanted a pair so badly I could barely stand it. When I got them, I could barely stand up. Too much ice in the Virginia snow. Better in the wet muddy forests of Maine?

    Always a delight to hear from you. ;)