i didn't really go shopping, but this is what i saw

running by a few windows in berlin

(not quite running, but the thing is
that we walk by and i try not to
break stride because time is always
of the essence; thus, all of the pics are
just quick snaps and then memory)

there will probably be a few more of these
i did take a handful & still think they are fun


  1. Lovely Victoria, I wish I could still wear heels like those, fabulous!

    Art by Karena

  2. I do not have the discipline not to break stride every now and again.

  3. Karena, they are something else, aren't they? I think...in the Hermes window? We pretty much zipped by.

    Barbara, I do break stride. Sometimes. There is always (it seems) so little time and so much to see, and it's pretty much heaven to me, so I try to squeeze a lot in. The photos become my notes, in a way.

    So happy to have you both stop by. Many thanks.