currently spellbound (here),
& will surely continue to be,
by this magnificent blog:

excellent advice of the exceedingly wise and
charmingly convivial p. gaye tapp
(a.k.a. little augury)


  1. A pronounced and distinguishing preference for luminosity at that blog. Everyone's going to notice the infusion of it, with or without direct attribution.

  2. so true-but You are the great archaeologist of finding the treasures.

  3. I am surprised & humbled by your words. I hope I can live up to your expectations. Thank you so much. Barbara

  4. Dear Victoria Thorne,

    Well, I've fallen in love with your blog. What am I to do now? I cannot follow you I see and I am so, so flattered you found me so I could find you.

    I can see I have only one alternative. I shall act upon it.

    What a great pleasure to meet you.

    Little Augury is truly one of the best of the best out there. You are so right.

    Best regards,

  5. Laurent, yes, i think you are exactly right (you must not be surprised by that, at this point).

    Gaye. :) And I think so of you, also. Thank you. Again.

    Barbara, you already have. It's just complete heaven over at your place(s).

    Tish, much appreciated; a thousand thanks. And for blogger, if you want to follow (any blog, i think), you can click the little (blue, on my blog) Follow at the upper left hand corner. That'll put you in the group. And, once more, thanks for your beautiful words (and blog).