dear annie wilson,

many thanks
for this and
most humble

(the coco & boy part? yes,
but only in my dreams ;)


  1. I left a comment that I think got chewed up, about how many of the movie choices we have in common- I love the Ghost and Mrs. Muir. a hopeless hapless romantic

  2. oh, gaye: i, of all people, know a chewed up comment (but they always seem to be my own doing; in this case, it sounds as 'tho p&c's hosting site was busy exercising it's chompers)

    anyway. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. yep. that's the one. when they walk off at the end, right?

  3. Victoria, this is the only post in about the last 10 or so posts of yours that I have been able to read. It always says - sorry page doesn't exist. I don't know why I can't see them.

  4. donna, apologies.

    i put things up and then take them down. all the time. if you check back later, 9 times out of 10 the post will be back up again. after a bit.

    it's that old art thing -- put it on the paper/canvas/screen, take it off. move it over. tear it in half. toss in round file. etc...

    thank you for saying something, and eternally grateful that you do check, and completely understand if it's only once. there's so much else to do...