wake-up call

Laura Scott Wade, the director of ethics for a national medical organization in Chicago, said that six months ago her son, Lincoln, then 3 1/2, got so tired of her promises to get off the computer in "just one more minute" that he resorted to the kind of tactic parents typically use.

"He makes me set the timer on the microwave," Ms. Wade said. "And when it dings he'll say, 'Come on,' and he'll say, 'Don't bring your phone.' "


(and i think to myself:
my god, it's summer.
the days are still long.
the weather here has been,
how lucky are we?
and i am in front of a screen?
a quick drive down a country road,
the words of another blogger i much respect,
and this quip from Lincoln
jog my senses back to reality.)

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