that said: joy

Although I don't spend too much time talking about this online, anyone who knows me knows that my family is my life. When I saw that Emily Dickinson had written "Home -- is the definition of God" it resonated beyond any explanation I could supply here.

That said (and it says it all for me), home is of utmost importance. As much joy as it brings to find things -- a chair, a house, a painting, a photograph, the work of an artist who sees things in such a way that it brings immeasurable happiness and beauty into other's lives -- the greatest joy I find is always, ever, looking into the faces (or just being near) those I love. Second to that is the joy of being near things (or finding things) that remind me of treasured times. And all of the (treasured times) things are humble. And will remain humble. In the long haul, that's what matters. I find that looking into those faces, reading the best words, spending time with those we love, being surrounded by humble things that bring joy, and perhaps -- if I am lucky -- being able to create some of that joy for someone else: that is the measure of life, it is home. And home, as Emily noted, is where we really need to be.

(This blog was started, as mentioned before, as a lark; an exercise in learning how to work blogger so that i could post about children's books. It took on a little life of it's own, and somehow changed mine. Only now mentioning all this because I suppose I will try to include more family...if they don't mind. For me, they are true home. And that definition.)

Here's hoping you have a magnificent weekend.


  1. what angelic faces there-cherubic. I for one will be happy to see more of these posts! pgt

  2. I look forward to this brave revealing. Who doesn't wish to leave the curtain wide open? I know I should do it more but then I deliver adjectives and reasons to myself - less mysterious, too telling, who cares, who dares,. There's so much more indeed. Our blog face and the woman who resides underneath. I enjoy your first steps and walks in this virtual place. So glad I found you. Ps any advice for a first timer childrens book?

  3. dear pgt, speaking of angelic: you are something of a guardian angel to a few (more than a few, quite surely)...well, that is what i have begun to think...

    and lovely theue, i realized that you might mean the creation of, yes? for that, i would look no farther than the column at the right, and m. b. goffstein's words on the matter (click on The Horn Book). it would be just the thing for you, with your lovely eye and ear...please keep me posted.

  4. What comes through is a very loving place. Thank you for the poem!