there and back again

two day trip.

drove down the five, and back home on 101.
saw five colleges. quickly witnessed a bit of
football (very well played) on skateboards.

let it be noted that the last week of school
makes a university campus (especially one
on the beach) look awfully good. bikes lined
up in candy-colored columns. kids in swim-
suits sauntering toward the water. nary a
book in sight. happy faces all around. just
sayin'--one of those moments when living
in our sunny state seems like the best of all
possible worlds--but before you get all starry
eyed about being in the best of all possible
worlds, make sure you've gassed the car up
as you leave Santa Barbara and head north
on 101. it's a long, dry drive 'til you get thru
the Gaviota tunnel & cruise into Buellton
(location of the next gas station you'll see).

don't ask me how i know.

all in all, it was a simply magnificent and
unexpectedly memorable trip. love this
sweet state of ours. it's good to remember how
remarkable (& astonishingly beautiful) it is.