weekend update

years ago, someone i once worked with asked why i never publish my art on this blog. art is where things started, the whole design bit was roundabout: for a long time, i drew bits and pieces and created logos and stationery for people. it was a small (happy) business. it was great, it fit all around raising 4 active kids, and the logos and stationery turned into events and flowers which led to houses and stores and, eventually, this blog. now, another small plunge. to put up (and admit to) something i've drawn. it's just a sketch (from December?), but it represents the style used while working.

which leads to the daily project thing. the doll in palaka definitely took more space than a day. her face looks pretty much like most of the faces i've drawn since second grade, only maybe a little more. there's a reason things hit a jam here. since drawing that face, everything has revolved around it. still working on the one-project-a-day-plan, just not publishing everything; some of them are quite off-the-cuff. the bird, below, is from day 15.


here's a picture i lifted (without meaning to) from someone on ebay; tried to go back and find it and purchase it, but didn't have the patience to sift through the piles. it wasn't even really expensive. it's all about patience, i guess. she looks full of hope, sort of, doesn't she? but pragmatic. (pragmatism can be helpful at times.) look at the mom taking the picture. she's in the mirror.

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