this was me, yesterday

... when i learned that meryl streep narrated chrysanthemum. her version of the velveteen rabbit was (is, evermore shall be) one of the great childhood classics; we played it awfully often in our little house in connecticut. three small thornes listened with streep-induced rapture in a toasty living room while snow piled up outside the great plate glass windows of our tiny quarters. bravo, bravo mr. henkes and ms. streep. (and please forgive me borrowing chrysanthemum from your beautiful website, mr. h.)


  1. Oh, thank you so much for this link that I will share with my children who loved Chrysanthemum. They are now teenagers and Streep fans!
    And thank you also, VT, for all the wonderful dolls that grace your page, including the teary-eyed one.

    1. have been meaning to reply and tell you how much this comment meant- it came at the most fortunate time- thank you so much! am so glad you like these. and i'm so glad you liked the chrysanthemum link! best- v