Today at the San Francisco Design Center, Chapter II

Jim Gallagher, of Garden Court
Antiques, and a compelling slightly-gilded
ruby reason to start collecting papier mache.

Holding treasure? Another wonderous red.
(Speaking of, my little red camera
was not doing so well yesterday:
she is old and on last legs, I fear.)

Nautical. Nantes. Via Paris Flea Market.
Blue to die for.
(See post below.)

British. Campaign. Go ahead, die twice.
This is worth it.
(Acknowledging a salute to Japanese craft.)

Once the French Revolution really got rolling, you'd probably want to have hidden this gorgeous piece of work (Vive Le Roi). Don't lose your head over it. Just pack it up tidily and dash off in nearest non-gilded carriage. Send Marie Antoinette lovely thank-you letter. Get out of town. Stow treasured needlework in voluminous skirt. Go. Now.

Surely, this would look swell in my office.
A girl can dream.

Spiky. Happy. Waiting for well-wicked beeswax.

Once more, with gusto. A sweet Italian romance.

All of these wonders:
Garden Court Antiques, SFDC.
Many thanks, again, to our
magnificent host, Jim Gallagher.

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