Today! Inside Roald Dahl's Head. Oops. I Mean Shed.

Shedworking has long been a favorite; today, they take us to Roald Dahl's Shed

You can wander around (click here). You can listen to one of his stories. 

You can only imagine how amazingly peculiar it must have been to be in his marvelous head. But now you can be in his marvelous shed. (Yes, they actually call it a hut. But hut doesn't rhyme with head, and if I change it now I have to rewrite the whole post. So. Hut, shed, let's just move ahead...)

cool photo courtesy of chompoblog


  1. Anonymous2/2/09 07:47

    Stick with Shed...

    ...also, the artwork/drawings on the walls of the Shed (Hut) are amazing!

    Need V.T. out to New York to draw on the walls of my Shed (Home)! Would be very cool!

  2. I'm so there. Have brush, will travel. Just let me know when.

    I love New York (as you well know, anon).

  3. this led to me being sucked into Roald Dahl's world a little too much today...the site makes interesting noises if you let it sit idle. it was all interesting. thanks for the gateway into the hu...err...i mean...shed.

    you're welcome to draw in my shed too!

  4. Bradford...love it that the Dahl site makes odd noises...so very very Roald! Happy to come draw in your shed...will have to book transit to NYC asap...

  5. I want a writing hut! Thanks for these links.

  6. Vivian--I'm with you.

    Writing Hut = A Dream Come True.