Ann Sacks Tile (File 5)

A few more favorites from Ann Sacks. I'd put the peonies, above, around an outdoor vestibule. They make my heart swell with happiness. They speak of peace. I'd love passing through them each time I came home. Joy. (I don't know if Ann & Co. call them peonies, but that is what they are to me.)

These are brilliant, and remind me of dogwood trees in the woods back home, Virginia and New York: of something sacred and strong. They connote safety. Maybe eternity?

These are copper. They are like brave pennies that have been magically transformed...that, alone, makes me want to line them up so that they might march behind my stove and countertop. There is something very happy about these marching ex-pennies. Something warm.

This is grace and growth, a lovely geometry for one's home.

Mad about these. Recycled, if I recall. Nifty luster, warm
silvery strength that will play happy foil to Master Stainless.

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