Today at the SFDC, Chapter One

Yummy Stuff.

Above, the delightful Jim Gallagher, who spent an awfully long time and was the soul of patience answering (so very many) questions about the exquisite pieces in his shop.

So completely smitten was I by the finds from the flea market in Paris (top photos), and the Italian bits (bottom) and everything else (coming in next post) that I can't exactly remember any details. I could call my wonderful cohort on this mission and have her try to fill me in, but neither of us had pencil or paper as we stood, entranced, listening to the stories behind each of these pieces.

Suffice it to say that Jim knows his stuff, has a unfailingly elegant eye, and can tell you everything you need to know when you visit him at the San Francisco Design Center.

And more coming, soon, from the SFDC (from Jim & Co., a little Ann Sacks, and a sweet Secretary from De Sousa Hughes).

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