one never knows, do one?

life does tend to intervene, doesn't it?

due to time constraints today, i veered a tiny bit off course (from the "only using materials at hand" part) and went with something found on Monday at daiso (the place for felting wool that becomes unruly hair which isn't often letting itself be stitched down quite the way i intend it to be but we'll keep working on that, thank you)- anyway- went with something at daiso which they refer to as an "arm cover." 

thusly a rather quick puppet was born: the tiny (thumb) sleeve & a small snip on the right side allow the puppeteer to magically produce two arms and (by tucking their ring finger gently back) two legs. the face is a scrap from the nifty dishtowel which inspired the red head two days ago. i love sewing these, which sort of surprises me, yet it's kind of obvious that the royal school of needlework wasn't part of my career path. working on it, working on it. 

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