and then in a flash you go to write something in the calendar on the kitchen wall where's it's always hung,

but you haven't a new one, until
your husband hands you
the one he picked up from the grocery story
and you paste a picture of a garden
over the...Skippy Peanut Butter
and Hellman's Mayonnaise

from mrc, here

[what i love about the words
is that you know it's so true
& why did i ever spend $20
on a shiny new calendar, ever?
at least i didn't this year. cutting
out photos of gardens
as we speak...]

photo: sissinghurst via tweedland

1 comment:

  1. oh that is just lovely

    and today

    waiting for my diary from london, my smythson diary, that dear mark has sent for a thousand years
    and thinking, at least smythson is smart enough to know that they need to include all of january in the new year for those of us who are simply too busy during epiphany

    leaving the old year and starting the new

    no mean feat !