forward march

just wondering:
how many of you
have those days
when there are
perhaps 5 thou-
sand things that
must be done &
there's not a single
one that does get
done, due to the
fact that you've
spent the whole
day trying to avoid
not that which must
be done but that
which must be faced.

and the truth of it is
that that which much
be faced really isn't a
big deal? today, by mid-
afternoon, it seemed a
good idea to just deal
with one thing, and i
did (here). looks like a
book one probably doesn't
want to put off reading,
you think? here's to a more
productive tomorrow.



  1. But this was a perfectly productive avoidance strategy and for me a thoroughly enjoyable one. I know exactly what you are talking about. Enjoy your book for there's little that is urgent!