a new year

resolved: do more good

i've got a few 2011 resolutions,
the rest a bit more concrete (&
in smaller bites. do more good's
a big one, i believe. wish me luck.)

whether you opt for the
resolution thing or not
(i don't every year, but
this one seems a bright
time for a start), i wish
you a new year full of
wonders. good ones.

We have learned to say that the good
must be extended to all of society
before it can be held secure
by any one person or class;
but we have not yet learned
to add to that statement,
that unless all [people]
and all classes contribute to a good,
we cannot even be sure that it is worth having.

addams: hay quaker


  1. me too. do good i mean. and be bold. here's to a wonderful year.

  2. Auguri Victoria !
    I wish you a very happy Year MMXI

  3. Best wishes to you for resolutions and for 2011 in general. May you soar!

  4. Happy New Year to you, Victoria. Thank you so much for a year of inspiring posts.

  5. urte berri on

    ( Basque for happy new year )

    Ms. Thorne

    a little light in our lives...


  6. Anonymous5/1/11 18:58

    What is it about a New year? I love the end of the old one. Especially,that week between Christmas and New Year's eve when you allow yourself to rest a little, eat too much, walk through the rooms of the house you grew up in, try to do something productive, but can't, and then in a flash you go to write something in the calendar on the kitchen wall where's it's always hung, but you haven't a new one, until your husband hands you the one he picked up from the grocery story and you paste a picture of a garden over the awful color photos of Skippy Peanut Butter and Hellman's Mayonaise. I am back from my family holidays in a snowy Virginia, but haven't undressed our little city Christmas tree yet. Last year, I never put our creche away. all the animals, angels, shepherds and wisemen kept me company for a whole year. I think they liked it, too, especially the summer. Well, I guess I'm slowly coming around... Happy New Year to all! mrc

  7. & a happy new year to every single one of you. with love. xov