(but perhaps a tray of madeleines would be fine)

i thought about naming this
post temps perdu, but that
would be sort of. well. to be
honest, it would be silly (since
i've never actually read mr.
proust's great work and what
do i know?). the reality is that
i'm trying to clean off my
desktop some, and these are bits
i've saved. the procrastination
one is from merlin mann. i think
he's right on this. the sheer &
haunting chandelier is from
tim denike; it's a snapshot of
an rrl room. the party-goers
are from room 26. the chair
is a gould (lord knows i've
raided their coffers lately;
thank you gould auctions,
i love you). and the real
thought behind this is that
times change. our little house
used to be stuffed to the gills
on the holidays, and now it is
not so much. and where i once
prayed for an hour to catch my
breath, i now have ample time
to marvel at the future. and it
is good. but it will be better, i
think, to marvel less & remember
who we are more. here's to a
busy, happy 2011. may you well
remember who you are and what
a great gift it is. i am thankful,
today, for where we have been
and where we are going. and i
wish all of you godspeed.

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful post.

    Though I am not sure I want to marvel less.

    I think I want to marvel more and remember who I am more and by this act of marveling (This act goes back to the idea of "astonishment.") give more.

    Peace and Love and Beauty be with you! And Thank You for your inspiration!