just one more thing and then

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that's it for today, folks



  1. I've just returned from the Goethe-House link to leave you this comment and I'm thrilled to see more photos of the puppet theatre. Many thanks. I've just perused the site, floor-by-floor, and will never forget the vertically set piano forte in the music room, or the astronomical clock with bear in the anteroom, or this puppet theatre.
    So enjoy visiting with you.


  2. This is beautiful. Did you make this? Dreamy and elegant at the same time.

  3. Catherine, you are an honored guest. Thank you! So glad you liked the link (and the theatre).

    Kevin, it is dreamy, isn't it? I can claim photos but not (it is truly spellbinding when you stand in front of it) construction (not quite that old, 'tho I felt like it yesterday; how does my husband travel between these time-zones so easily?)