Happy Places I

I hope that our incredibly talented 
man in the hamptons 
doesn't mind that I've posted these...
it's just that, as we cruise into fall, 
and summer fades to a glimmer on the far horizon...
well, I wanted to take one more look. 
You can see why. 

This heavenly place: isn't it amazing?
Don't you want one? 
If it looks like the cottage of your dreams, 
I can verify that it most certainly is...

Cheers to a very gifted KB 
(another strange coincidence--see below--all the marvelous KB's in our lives...I'm even married to one. Two of the others are in these photos, as are the birthday girls from St. Barbara's day, and St. Barbara + one).

Next happy place? 
Surely, we will visit Hawaii, again, on the blog. 
With Mom and Dad. 
Just like them.

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