Gosford Park Gets All The Good Lines

Watching Gosford Park (for maybe the thousandth time?) once again this weekend: herewith, some favorite lines...

"Yummy, yummy, yummy" (This one, from Maggie Smith, simply fills me with delight every time I think of her uttering it.)

"I can't believe you forget much, Mrs. Wilson."

"I believe in love, not just getting it, giving it, and I believe as long as you love somebody...it's worth it."

"Difficult color green...very tricky."

"It's the gift of anticipation...I'm the perfect servant....I know [what they want] before they know it themselves."

And--once having seen the movie--the one that resonates, perhaps, the most deeply:

"I know. And what purpose could it possibly serve, anyway?"

I love this movie.

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