Be Still My Heart: Siberian Wooden Houses

I love Shedworking, a wonderful blog from the U.K.

Siberian Wooden Houses is the newest post. Too wonderful.

More in Shedworking: see the office garden view of our best red-headed architect-president...I have been a great fan, since college in good ol' Virginny, of the way T.J. used windows--especially when they doubled as floor-to-ceiling triple-sash doors. Brilliance. 

And I've mentioned this one before, but it is an all-time favorite. Beach Hut Tuesday. I'm packing my bags right now; surely, there is a beach hut waiting for me in Barcelona...

Above, a mysterious set of doors from the Albrecht Durer house in Nuremberg. They might've been right at home in one of those groovy Siberian Huts, eh?

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