mark this as a place where one spark landed

it is because of alexandra that, i suppose, i actually have a blog.

shortly after meeting her (we have, luckily enough, several mutual
friends- all of them utterly marvelous folk) i found her blog.

shortly after finding her blog i taught an art class and thought it
would be fun to track our projects on blogger (that lasted about
8 weeks; this one has lasted a bit longer). shortly after all of that
i thought a blog about children's books would be a fine idea.

now, some years later, i often wander back to alexandra's work and
find, in it and always, the reason her vision lit the spark that led to-

well, led to something else altogether (for me). it is with certainty
that i say that her clear and beautiful eye- and her ability to share
her gifts with the rest of the world- will continue to add light. and
that light grows always brighter, just as good & generous sparks do.

art: alexandra boiger

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