looking up

well, the last few posts are only iphone photos.

but, for the most part- on this set- what i was looking at made me catch
my breath. & i haven't figured out what to do with the other photos taken
(bigger files than they used to be, with new little camera) and will
someday post some. but until then, these. & with them the happiness
they brought upon sight. (i can't seem to stop looking up, or down,
and find what others might think to be a surfeit of sky and stone in
my camera, but i don't really think so. can one have too much sky?)

and there are good stories i hope will come, because this month
held some great surprises- happening upon art, and moments, i did
not expect but was overjoyed to encounter. and there were moments
with loved ones that can never be caught- except, perhaps- as s knows-


  1. an evocative glimpse
    of your absence

    noted here

    makes the missing worth it

    as it is when someone returns home


  2. B, she says it best. it sounds like your travels have brought on new thoughts, emotions, paths, contemplations. as all good journeys should.

    can't wait to see where you take us.

    much love.