A quick look back (there
there might be more later,
this is it for now): here's how
Sunday/Monday was spent.
Would like to send out sincere
thanks to the brilliantly elegant
Claudia Schwartz of Bell'occhio
for knowing the perfect table
covering (hemp; magnificent)
& sharing it for the event. Another
note of gratitude to very talented
by with her marvelous camera
(which will surely supply better
photos than mine) and great eye.

Many thanks to the Foothill
Family Service for hosting
and helping transform lives.


  1. i just love those radishes on the book...

    don't quite understand the event,

    but the radishes are a divine touch.


  2. beth,

    tried to add a bit more to explain event. it's for a very very good cause. glad you like the radishes; i fell in love with them. they would've liked me to bring more water, and perhaps a bit of earth ;)