Mr. Dahl

"The cleverest man in the world is called Mr Billy Bubbler. He can invent just about anything you want. He has a marvelous workshop full of wheels and wires and buckets of glue and balls of string and huge pots full of thick foaming stuff that gives off smoke in many colours. There are old motorcar tyres, baskets of carrots and electric machines and sewing machines and fizzy-drink machines and bath tubs and cow's teeth and rice puddings and old shoes and everything else Mr Bubbler needs to make his wonderful inventions."

roald dahl

(the october issue of
has a swell article called
mr. dahl's fantastic box.
written by donald sturrock,
photos by antony crolla.
read it if you can.)

image: here

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  1. Read it & loved it! Super photo of Mr Dahl & very interesing blog you have here! ;0