here's a lucky one

...who found herself amongst the fortunate
few who were able to attend the brilliant
on Saturday the sixth (yes, yesterday);
and, as Mr. Mercer said, it was "all
too wonderful, I'll never find the words
That say enough, tell enough
I mean they just aren't swell enough..."

It was a great day. More photos (and
a few words) to follow. But, for now, I'd
just like to thank Diane (and all of the
terrifically hospitable and perfectly
fascinating hosts of the showrooms) for
an entirely
(glorious, glamorous,
too marvelous for words)
unforgettable day.

photos: victoria thorne


  1. Exceedingly lucky. I continue to be utterly amazed by Diane's remarkable breadth of knowledge & her brilliant energy. It was, truly, an astonishing tour. Just magnificent.

    Diane's initial post was right: magical is the best word. The group was wonderful, the galleries (and hosts) were impeccable, Diane's a divine (of course) raconteur & her stories are sublime delight.

    All in all, a most remarkably memorable magic day.


    Thank you!
    You were such wonderful company and so passionately involved in every moment.
    Who could have imagined that the day--which started at 10am at Therien--would take us from Candra Scott's magical studio to the Anglo-Indian delights of Michael Donaldson's, and then a healthy lunch, and onward to Sarlo and Coup-d'Etat and Epoca--and then--bliss--to Tod Donobedian's penthouse, where we sipped and chatted and chatted...and as designers and friends gathered--the evening went on...and we left after 10pm...a day, indeed!
    very best, DIANE

  3. I can only reinterate --- LUCKY!!! -- to spend the day with Diane and friends and soak up her great knowledge....! Indeed, LUCKY!!