holy smoke

I must confess to having a charming head cold
all week and -- at the tail end of it, one hopes --
I look back to see my posts are spotty (I'd omitted
some important stuff; am working on fixing this) &
not quite as clear as I'd like. Oh my. Keeping my
fingers crossed that the smoke clears and the sun
comes out (goodness! we have gotten some good cali.
rain this year; and who's to complain when those
we love are living through blizzards and the like?
umbrellas ho!)


The above quick pix are a few pieces
from the astonishing & breathtaking
work that comprises
there's not one thing in the
showroom that we would
want to live without (given the
chance). Glory glory and
holy smokes indeed. Just
want to go back and get better
pix. To see things in more
detail, you can click each one.
Best idea?
For now (and for the best
look), please go here:

via, of course,
the tour

(apologies, again, for any omissions or
muddle-headed words; praise the lord &
pass the kleenex...)

photos: victoria thorne

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