whither shall I wander?

is also having a chair moment

thought you'd want
to take a gander

[i might note that i wore, for
a good part of the early '90's,
a plaid skirt from Brooks Bros.
that was awfully similar -- 'tho of
far lighter fare -- to the one (on
the lovely woman) in the far right
of this picture and, honestly, i
will never ever have another
skirt that i love quite as much
or was able to wear quite as often.
interestingly enough, it went with
everything. including my favorite
blucher hi-tops and black tights]


  1. Don't we all have That skirt. Love the way you have archived your design projects together.

  2. Little A., meant to say the other day that you would be just the right person to do this That skirt post...as in, you'd find the best (through all history or maybe just some?) and list 'em deliciously and edify the rest of us. As ever.

    best to you!