A Moment of Adoration: BibliOdyssey Presents Fuggerorum et Fuggerarum

Yes. I am supposed to be getting ready for Thanksgiving and that doesn't include being on my tiny laptop posting illustrious Augsburgians, but I. Can't. Help. Myself.

I have the coolest little sister, and we spent a good bit of time in Augsburg (along with my marvelous parents) when we were younger. So, when I saw these guys (above) pop up this morning (BiblioOdyssey is, truly, one of the greatest blogs in the entire Milky Way) I had to stop and send them to her (yep, I am supposed to be sending Thanksgiving recipes ... so I send random ancient portraits of people with ruffs and wimples ... let's pretend that's unusual for me).

Well, anyway, I have some recipes to jot down and about a few thousand books to move (or there won't be anywhere to eat at the Thanksgiving table).

The brilliant Peacay has linked to a wonderful article which ran in the WSJ a few months back. It was another of my all-time favorites: a bit about how the family Fugger hasn't raised the rent in a village since 1520. Seriously.

Tinda Binda Alte Kinder: I love you. Truly and always. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and I swear to God I am going to go write those recipes down. Now.

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