praise and style

A little more than a year ago, my darling daughter told me to stop hunting down the Thursday Style Section that I loved so dearly and check out this fabulous blog: no waiting.

How right she was.

Still love that Thursday Style Section (thanks, nyt). But The Sartorialist does provide more immediate gratification. And classics like this and this, both above.

Love it.

[A note on the serenely chic woman in camel and gray...one of the comments on the blog reads as follows:
"elle de jour said: She is Eloisa Bercero, one of the few women in the world that buy haute couture dresses. She has an amazing closet and is considered as one of the most elegant women in the world."
oops...but then, there is this:
"Anonymous said:
Hello to everyone!
A few mysteries revealed:
The coat is Paul Harnden —
Attenzione, the lady's NOT a granny (yet) —
And she's NOT Eloisa Bercero
Trust me, she's MY MUM."
Well, lucky anonymous, with a gorgeous mum. This makes me think of our gorgeous mum, known as mim...talk about amazing...we are the lucky ones!]

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