And He Said His Hand Was Cold.

pretty impressed with this, first official pres. sig., especially since I (glued, all day, to visuals redolent of history) was fascinated by his "my hands are cold," and "they said don't swipe the pen," statements as Obama signed first documents on camera yesterday

(i just wanted ms. F. to stop talking so we could hear the new president; those nbc cameramen picked up a remarkable amount of stuff with their mikes...)

happy to see this, via swissmiss and daylife, first thing this a.m.

it's a nice signature, by anyone's reckoning, isn't it? and he's a lefty. did one of the nbc announcers say that the last five presidents have been lefties? did I hear that right? what's with that? using both sides of the brain better, perhaps?

(well, some of 'em. sorry...can't help it.)

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  1. Wow! That's very nice -- I'm impressed to. His speech was great too!