Peter Sis: 86th and Lexington, NYC

from Peter Sis and the Metropolitan Transit Authority, via flickr, this is part of the marvel at 86th and lexington...lovely caption courtesy of photographer, "lisacat," as follows:

"A Czechoslovakian-born illustrator and children's book writer, Peter Sis moved to New York City where he has also gained attention in 2004 for his subway art installation at the 86th Street Station of Lexington Avenue. Of this piece, he says that 'It's a celebration about the creation of 86th Street. I've been here for 20 years now, and I hope we will all live together post-9/11.'

Sis has used glass mosaic and precious stones from various countries to create a gigantic eye that is looking at the city. The eyeball is surrounded by architectural details of neighborhood landmarks of the Lexington Station. The circular form is also a carousel where children are playing and riding on whimsical animals. Of this he says, "They are symbols of harmony. They are all children from different cultures and traveling musicians playing different instruments from different countries."

The installation by Sis is part of the Arts for Transit Program of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority." (lisacat, 21.06.07, flickr)

There's more on unforgettable subway art, from Steven Heller, here.

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