Over the River and Through The Woods

Thought this might be fun...it's from a bit that I styled a few years back, for a magazine...Norma took the photos, and the model is the delightful Ashley.

Our dreamer looks like she might be going back home with her elegantly ancient luggage and celebratory jewels, but she is, perhaps, thinking that a bigger bird might be needed to pop in the oven?

It's all a bit Herbert Hoover-ish to me, and I can't help thinking this is more timely now than it was when we shot it...a chicken in every pot, right? You half expect an orphan to come tapping into the frame...and you sort of wonder where a girl like this got all those goodies...

(Side note: I borrowed the jeweller's glasses--the magazine was, obviously, featuring her wares in the article--and plopped them on gorgeous Ashley's head at the last minute. It's still my favorite part of the photo.)

Happy almost-Thanksgiving to all!

For the rest of the week, we'll be trying to dig up a few Thanksgiving photos and an apple pie recipe (just for you, Alexander in Germany). We might even throw in a little sweet potato casserole, and Helen Corbitt's stuffing.

The T.K. want to know how it's done (all that Thanksgiving cooking, yum) after lo these many years. Cheers!

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