We were put on earth to make things- W. H. Auden

bits of ribbon, again; felting wool, beads from long-ago earrings, waxed cotton string from god-knows-where. a snippet of burlap that was left after the rest of the roll was employed as a runner in an oak grove for a remarkable moment two summers ago. the dress, a vintage hand-towel always too sweet to be used for it's original purpose: my stitching isn't anywhere near as brilliant as the frieze of birds below, but the whole endeavor was fun. tomorrow's rag doll will (i hope) be a bit simpler. did i mention the orange ribbon was once curled tightly around a tiny, hand-made corsage? it seemed a shame to ever iron it out, once the rose done been and gone.

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  1. Laurent- many, many thanks. Best wishes for a brilliant new year!