Min Hogg. The Seaweed Collection.

No secret here that I have had a long-time affection for all things Min: imagine my delight when a lovely reader wrote in yesterday to say that our Ms. Hogg is here.

And, having just returned from a few days at the beach, I am more than ready to have Min Hogg pull Seaweed (& anything else she wants) through every room of our house.

Thanks, TrickyMicky. Please visit again soon, perhaps with more tide-ings of great joy.

dear reader: apologies for quick screen
shots from the sweet site; i am supposed
to be tidying the house we left for a few days &
had promised myself not to blog until it was done
(and it is not, but i had to post about Min. had to.)


  1. Beautiful!!!

    I would consider re-wallpapering our hallway and bathroom but, gosh, it is alot of work.

  2. please clean your house quickly...

    we miss you


  3. This is interesting news. Thank you!